Attune is a system that allows you to run scripts and commands, and deploy files, on remote servers that run Windows or Linux. A lot of systems administration tasks that make use of scripts, can be automated with Attune. Attune provides facilities that allow you to create procedures that are more modular and re-usable than normal scripts.


Attune’s procedures allow you to execute commands and scripts written in Bash, Perl, Python, and Windows Powershell on different machines while still being held centrally for consistency and ease of maintenance. Attune has a built-in editor which allows you to create and edit files from within Attune. Attune procedures can deploy files and execute SQL procedures on remote servers.


Attune has Variables which allow you to reference generic placholder variables in your scripts. You can assign different Values to the Variable variables that are used in Procedure scripts. This is done in a Plan, and allows you to create Procedures that are generic and re-usable. A procedure can have multiple plans - each assigning different values to the variables.


Attune has Jobs, which help to make debugging Procedures quicker and easier. The Jobs track the output and allows you to easily see where procedure steps have failed. You can also make changes to the scripts, test changes, and resume job of a procedure at the point where it had failed, all from within an Attune Job. This saves having to restart a script from the beginning if it fails.


Attune has Archives, which allow you to store files centrally and deploy them on a number of different remote servers. These Archives are deployed by special procedure steps in Attune. Attune also allows you to deploy template archives, which make use of the Mako template engine - an embedded Python language, which provide further power and flexibility.


Attune has a powerful scheduling system which allows you to set up procedures to run at specified dates and times, or run repeatedly at a specified time interval. You can set a number of different procedures to execute at a particular time interval, and have the option to selectively disable or enable particular procedures as required.